Real Lemon Bars

2 thoughts on “Real Lemon Bars”

  1. Those do look amazingly yummy! And you are so fortunate to have lemons growing all around you. We always fill our suitcase when we come out. What’s the difference between almond flour & almond meal & ground almonds. I used fine ground almonds instead of almond meal in the healthy cookie recipe Svea posted & it turned out fine.

    1. Hi Sheryl! It’s just fine to use fine ground almonds – that’s what almond meal/flour is! If you grind them yourself, let it go as long as possible, just before it turns to almond butter. :) That way you’ll get the softest, finest meal. Blanched almond flour by Honeyville is the best for baking (especially cakes, muffins, and cookies) because the texture is so fine from the almond skins being removed. If you find you can’t get yours fine enough to please your tongue, try Honeyville. Hugs!

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